Spanish for bee, our name is pronounced "AH-BAY-HA." We Chose this name for its simple beauty and its reminder of times past when farming implied a respect for the environment and a close connection to the Earth.

It is our belief that each day, we can make a difference in the quality of our care for the land, and no matter how small, any difference we make is worthwhile.
We create our wines and receive our guests under this same philosophy.

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Va Piano Vineyards

Va Piano Vineyards, our 20-acre estate property located next to the winery, has been growing grapes in the Walla Walla Valley since 1999. Their primary focus is red varietals; Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot, Cab Franc & Petit Verdot.

Knowing that exceptional wine begins with exceptional fruit we only utilize state of the art viticultural practices. The vineyard blocks are trellised on the vertical shoot positioning system (VSP), which is a canopy management technique that arranges the shoots in the trellis to allow for better sunlight penetration and increased airflow.

Our vineyard has been farmed with sensitivity to its soil and surroundings through the use of sustainable agricultural. The Walla Walla Valley Vinea Trust is our local organization that provides the support and guidance to growing grapes in a sustainable environment.

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Woodinville Wine Cellars

Woodinville Wine Cellars is a small boutique winery that produces small quantities of handcrafted wines.

Their grapes are secured annually from several prominent Washington State vineyards. Each wine is fermented in small lots and barrel aged for up to 18 months, using French Oak selected to compliment, not mask the terrior.

Each lot and individual wine barrel is meticulously monitored from the moment the fruit is hand harvested, to the day the wine is carefully bottled.

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Challenger Ridge Vineyard & Cellars

In 1999, a Frenchman and direct descendant of The Rothschild Family, studied the lay of the land, the soils and sun hours offered in the area and came upon this property to plant a Pinot Noir Vineyard and try his hand at winemaking. The birth of Challenger Ridge Vineyard & Cellars had begun.

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Treveri Cellars is a family-owned sparkling wine house that produces some of the finest handcrafted sparkling wines in the United States. The name “Treveri” comes from the historic name of the city of Trier, Germany, one of the former seats of the Roman Empire

Trveri opened its doors on November 23, 2010 with a mission to put Washington sparkling wine on the map. Since its opening, Treveri wine has been served at White House State Department receptions and the James Beard Foundation in New York.


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